Photographer Russell Frederick’s Photo Exhibition at “Visa Pour L’Image 2013”


Check out the photo exhibition of the acclaimed and über talented Brooklyn photographer, Russell Frederick. Frederick’s exhibition is entitled “Veiled Beauty: Portraits of a Dying Breed in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.” It will be showcased on Sept 4, 2013 at the annual “Visa Pour L’Image” photography festival held in Perpignan, France.

Frederick, the photojournalist, illustrates Bed Stuy as it undergoes transitions due to gentrification and economic disparities. Bed Stuy, once known as the largest black metropolis in America, (during the 80’s and 90’s) was one of the first communities where black people were able to buy land, build homes, open businesses and vote in New York after the Civil War. The pioneering residents in this middle class neighborhood face a seismic shift of separation, as the cost of living expenses steadily rise. Russell Frederick’s photographs are a record of the “Dying Breed.”

Russell Frederick has been photographing the community of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn for 14 years.

You can learn more about Frederick and his work at


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